About Us

At a glance StoreStash might look like just another online shopping directory, but if you take the time to get to know us you will quickly discover that we are so much more than that. StoreStash is not just about shopping and finding your favourite products and services at the best prices. StoreStash is a platform, StoreStash is a network and StoreStash is a home base for your business.

StoreStash was designed by small businesses, for small businesses and is the embodiment of a lifelong ambition to make starting and growing a new business easier and more affordable. At StoreStash we know that whatever your business is, whether it’s selling awesome products, providing world-class services or helping those in need, it’s not just a business, it’s your life, your passion and something that you work extremely hard at. Unfortunately no matter how much you care about what you do though, it can still be a difficult road to travel. Trust us, we’ve been there and that’s why we decided to build a system to help make the ride a bit smoother.

With that in mind, the idea behind StoreStash is to provide a simple but complete solution to help companies of all sizes market and sell their products and services online, and in doing so build a living, vibrant marketplace that brings businesses and shoppers together.

For Businesses

StoreStash is a great tool for any business or individual professional looking to tap into the world of ecommerce and online marketing. We help you do this by simplifying the process and giving you a free business profile and online store. Yes that’s right, free! You can register your business, upload products to your store and start selling right away, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on designing a website or struggle to use some template editing software. You can even setup your online storefront from a mobile device, with no design knowledge required and no hidden hosting fees. The only time we charge is for a small transaction fee when you actually make a sale.

We don’t stop there though, our unique payment systems also let you accept credit card payments quickly and easily without the need for a credit card of your own, or even a bank account for that matter, making having and running an online store accessible to absolutely anyone regardless of budget. With this and our array of advertising and upgrade options we endeavour to keep our business model as fair as possible and make sure you enjoy all the benefits of ecommerce without the hassle and expense.

For Everybody

So you may be thinking this is great for businesses but what about me, I’m not really into that sort of thing? StoreStash has something for everyone and that’s exactly what it makes it different. We don’t just give our customers a standalone store, we add them to our shopping directory, meaning when you shop on StoreStash you’ll find unique products and services from a variety of sellers, letting you explore and discover something different each time at the best possible prices. You can also use the My Stash feature to bookmark and save all your favourite products, services and businesses so you can find them again when you need them. Think of it like having your own personal box of business cards that you can carry in your pocket and get access to all your favourites anytime, anywhere.

Using StoreStash can also count as a good deed, by making purchases through these stores you will be supporting local small businesses which are the pillars of our economy. You can also search for and donate directly to charities and aid organizations to do your part in making a positive difference.

So whether you are just looking to shop and donate to charities, stash your favourite businesses or you want to grow your own business, StoreStash has it all. Register with us today and start exploring a new type of ecommerce!