Frequently Asked Questions


Is StoreStash 100% Free?

Creating a Profile and Listing Products is 100% free on our Starter Package, however there is a small percentage transaction fee when you make a sale. This transaction fee is lower on our paid packages. See Pricing for more

How do I advertise on StoreStash?

To advertise on StoreStash simply select one of our advertising packages on the Pricing Page or on the My Packages page of your account. Once a package is selected, upload your advert image (if applicable) and proceed to checkout. Your advert will then be reviewed and will start displaying within 24-48 hours. Please note advert images that you upload must be the correct size for the advertising slot that you select or else your ad may not display correctly. We can also design a professional ad for you if required. Please contact us for more info on ad design and pricing.

Where can I edit my personal or business profile information?

To change any of the information on your business or personal profile please sign in to be taken to your My Account page or if you are already signed in, click on the My Account button at the top right hand corner of the page to access your dashboard/settings page. From this page you can change any information in the fields regarding your profile.

Can I create multiple Stores or Profiles on the same account?

No, not at the moment. For now in order to create another store or profile you will need to log out and then register a new account with a different username and email address. We only allow one profile/store per email address at this time.

Do I have to be a business owner or employee to use StoreStash?

No, StoreStash is open to absolutely anyone and is a great place to Shop and Stash your favourite products, services, businesses and charities. You can create a personal profile just for shopping and stashing and skip registering for a business or charity, or you can create a business profile and just display yourself as a professional. Creating an online store is completely optional.

I don’t have products to sell, do I have to create an online store or can I just display my business?

Creating an online store on StoreStash is completely optional. We provide tools so that you can upload services in place of your products and you can upload them with or without prices allowing you to still showcase your business without online store functionality.

What is the difference between a personal, business and charity profile?

A personal profile gives you access to the “My Stash” feature and saves your details to make online shopping more convenient, you can always choose to create a business or charity profile at a later stage if you have a personal profile. A business profile lets you showcase your business and upload your products and services to your optional online store. You can choose whether viewers can actually purchase items on your store or not in case you would just like to display items but not sell through the site. A Charity profile is almost identical to a business profile but undergoes stricter verification and enjoys lower prices on packages and transaction fees. You can also donate directly to a charity from their store page.

How can I pay for an Upgrade or Advertising Package on StoreStash?

To purchase an upgrade or advertising package visit our Pricing Page or the My Packages page in your account and simply select a package to get started. You can pay for this package directly through the site. If you cannot pay by credit card and would like to arrange an alternative payment method please contact us and we will assist you.

How do I report illegal or offensive content?

To report any content on StoreStash please use the report buttons on business profiles (located under the business description) or alternatively please email your concerns to or use our contact form.

Is StoreStash liable for shipping or any claims regarding goods or services?

No, StoreStash only serves as a host to a number of business’s online storefronts and is not responsible in any way for their business practices. In the event that you have a claim against a business on StoreStash please contact the business directly and if the issue cannot be resolved please contact us with the details and we will see what we can do to assist. You can view our full Terms of Service here.

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