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StoreStash is a unique concept that endeavors to help small businesses, charities and professional individuals to advertise and sell online, regardless of their budget. To that end we provide our clients with a free business profile, ecommerce platform, cutting edge payment options and a listing on our global directory, so that absolutely anyone can benefit from an online presence. At StoreStash we believe this is just the beginning however, as we are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to improve our customer experience. Our ultimate goal would be to provide more complete solutions and encourage people to start more small businesses, thereby creating new jobs for the future.

To achieve these goals we are looking for investors to help us grow and improve in both the local and international markets. If you are interested in investing in StoreStash or providing any other assistance or engaging in joint ventures please contact us using the form below.

Invest in Business / Charities

StoreStash is dedicated to helping small businesses and aid organizations grow by giving them an online presence and attracting shoppers and customers to our global marketplace. Unfortunately this doesn’t guarantee success however, and while many of these businesses have huge potential, they might just need a little financial boost to help realize it. For that reason we have added the “Investment Opportunity” and “Donate” buttons for those businesses or Charities looking for some extra assistance.

If you are looking to do your part and lend a hand to some of our amazing businesses or charities please keep an eye out for these buttons and click them to either contact the company or make a direct contribution through using any major credit card. Whatever you decide to give back, it will go a long way to making a positive difference!

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