Store and Service Provider Pricing

Advertising Pricing

Transaction Fees

Transactions on are processed through multiple banks and service providers, because of this there is a percentage fee on all transactions which is charged to the store owner. This fee is in place to cover the cost of bank charges and our third party payment facilitators. This fee is only applicable if you actually make a sale through and is charged even on our free Starter package. All transaction fees can be viewed in our pricing table above and will be automatically deducted from your total revenue in your “My Earnings” page.

Declined Transactions

In the event that a user cancels the checkout process during the entry of their credit card information, unfortunately the bank will still charge a decline transaction fee of R1.50. While this is a rare occurrence it can happen occasionally in which case the fee of R1.50 will be charged to the store owner.

Withdrawal Fees

When withdrawing your earnings from you may only withdraw to a current account or a cheque account. There is a withdrawal charge of R5 per withdrawal which is deducted of the total amount requested. i.e. If you wish to withdraw R1000, a withdrawal charge of R5 is deducted and R995 will be paid into your account.