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Activities beyond the contract work is what makes AIM a special place and broadens the outlook and experience of our participants.

A physiotherapy programme is still being run by Carol Colborne. Participants make use of the twice-weekly exercise programme which not only provides stimulation to unused muscles, but also provides social interaction between the participants. A number of participants are treated in each session individually as they require different intervention therapy & exercise.

A regular exercise programme is essential as many of AIM’s participants are wheelchair users and do not get regular exercise due to the nature of their disabilities.

We wish to thank Carol Colborne for her great work with the participants, she is a true asset to the Centre.

WITS University, in conjunction with AIM, run a practical program for the first and second year students at the AIM Centre. Aspiring Occupational-, Speech- and Physio-therapists work with the participants, forming a beautiful symbiosis.

We are grateful that the Centre was chosen by these students as part of their learning career and development and in turn assist the growth of our participants.

A great friendship develops each year between our participants and the students. It is activities like these, that make our participants feel the great sense of belonging and acceptance. These types of interactions provide great publicity for the Centre, the morale of our participants is boosted by the daily visits of these students.