Ceramic coat crown wheel, pinion and gears

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Gears are one of the parts in the driveline that can benefit the most from a Dry Film Lubricant coating. They are subjected to extreme pressure, have minimal lubrication and minimal cooling, the most critical point of load is found in the Ring and Pinion. This is the highest point of friction and load in the entire driveline.
By putting a Dry Film Lubricant onto the Gears, whether its Rear end or Transmission Gears, we are allowing the Gears to have the ability to be lubricated at loads up to 350,000 psi. The benefits are reduces friction, heat and wear.
Reduced friction really means that more of the power that’s generated in the engine will reach the drive wheels rather than being absorbed by trying to turn the gears.
A secondary benefit in coating Gears is that you now can run a lighter weight lubricant.