TriboDyn 6oz Engine oil treatment

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TriboDyn® THREE STAGE TECHNOLOGY CHEMICAL NAME / SYNONYMS: Stage 1: Layer Lattice Structure Lubricating Additive, Stage 2 & 3: Proprietary.
TriboDyn® is a complex mixture of extreme pressure lubricants. TriboDyn® is designed to add enhanced lubrication properties to wet lubricant systems, such as automotive crankcases.
TriboDyn® will disperse and cling to critical areas of the engine, providing both start up and continuous benefits. Unique ingredients in TriboDyn® actually are attracted to hot areas. Points of friction generate heat and the ingredients migrate to those areas of need. As pressure increases with RPM or load, the lubricants actually become more efficient and can carry loads up to 350,000 psi.
Certain ingredients actually convert to a Lubricating Ceramic Film that can bond to the surface and is capable of handling temperatures well over 2100 F. This film forms when a temperature is reached at which virtually every other lubricant typically used in an engine begins to break down, providing lubrication at the critical point where wear and galling begin.
The lubricants chosen, particle size and compatibility of each, is extremely critical to the function and superior characteristics of TriboDyn®.
TriboDyn® is formulated from base ingredients that will not clog or interfere with normal oil filtration. The critical lubricants will not be filtered out by standard or high performance filtration systems with screens/filters of 5 microns or greater.
TriboDyn® RECOMMENDED USES: All engine crankcases, standard transmissions, open, locker or spool type differentials and roller bearings. May also be used, in air or electric powered tools, such as, nail guns, drills, and saws that requires periodic addition, of a liquid lubrication.
TriboDyn® NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Automatic transmissions, positraction type differentials or anything with a clutch type engagement unit.
TriboDyn® IS COMPATIBILE WITH OTHER LUBRICANTS: Compatible with both standard and synthetic lubricants/oils.
Treatment Volume: Add 1oz of TriboDyn® to crankcase for each quart of oil capacity, during or after oil change. We recommend re-treating the engine after each oil change. The next 2 oil changes after 1st treatment, only add 1/2oz of TriboDyn® to crankcase for each quart of oil capacity, on 4th oil change, add full treatment of 1oz of TriboDyn® to crankcase for each quart of oil capacity, and so on. For best results add TriboDyn® to a warm engine, changes oil color to TriboDyn® Grey.